Malinero Kuri

Malinero Kuri is a web studio which specializes in designing and promoting web sites for recycling companies. Its most popular and significant projects are, мусора.net,, etc.

Recycling is one of the most acute issues concerning every person on Earth. And the majority of us do understand it but lack information on such important points as:

  • What we can recycle
  • How we can recycle
  • Where to find recycling centers, and many others.


That’s why Malinero Kuri aims at educating people, comparing different national and foreign recycling companies to help us all protect the environment.

We provide you with the detailed verified information on the working process, products, services, privacy policy of big recycling enterprises. Besides you may read reviews of their customers and find their contacts. We cooperate only with those companies whose principles agree with our common goal – environmental protection. For example, “Beltzvetmet” in the Republic of Belarus. They gather or buy junk and leftover metal and remake it into various alloy materials used at the plants of the country.

Another website we designed –– is devoted to the recycling of polymers and plastics in the USA, the country with the biggest waste production.

With our help people learn how to recycle, companies fins new customers and nature becomes cleaner. All is gas and gaiters.