How does Houston recycle plastic?



The City of Houston recycles various types of plastic and other recyclable materials such as

  • aluminum and tin cans
  • corrugated cardboard
  • envelopes
  • home and office paper
  • magazines
  • mail
  • newspapers
  • telephone books
  • used motor oil

Houston residents can take advantage of various city recycling programs. Among the most popular ones are Curbside Recycling Program, Environmental Service Centers, Automated Recycling Program, Recycling drive-thru facilities and more. Besides, if money is needed really urgently, it’s allowed to apply for fast Online Payday Loans in Houston. You can get up to $1,000 quick cash within 1 – 2 business days with minimum requirements.

NOTE: Your automated container and recycling bin(s) should be at the curb by 7: Plastic Items Not Accepted at curbside recycling: All #6 plastics (

Plastic Recycling Companies in Houston

The major plastic recycling companies in the City Of Houston Accept the following types of plastics:

  • butter, cat litter jugs,
  • coffee can lids,
  • condiment, cooking oil, cosmetic & shampoo bottles,
  • ice cream (tubs & lids),
  • jars, jugs, juice, laundry & dish washing detergent, margarine, medicine, milk, mouthwash, plastic bottles,
  • salad dressing, sauces, soft drink, squeezable bottles & jars.

Some recycling companies of Houston also accept Styrofoam (plastic #6).

All #6 plastics (including Styrofoam), food wrap, furniture, meat food trays, packaging material, plastic bags, and toys are not accepted by anyone.

How Plastic is Recycled in Houston, TX

  • Recycable plastics are collected and sorted into generic resin types.
  • It’s baled for shipment to the plastics processing factory.
  • Then the plastics are either shredded or made into pellets at the processing plant.
  • A variety of new products are made out of recycled plastics.

Most Houston recycling companies do their best to increase the value and reduce shipping costs of the material. They chop, wash, and convert plastics into flakes or pellets which serve as good material for other items.