Target plastic bag recycling


Since 2010, Target recycling kiosks have given guests an easy way to recycle cans, glass, plastic bottles, plastic bags, MP3 players. New recycling stations allow guests to deposit used beverage containers, plastic bags, small electronics, and more. The station is available for bottle and can recycling (aluminum, glass, and plastic beverage containers), plastic film.

Which plastic bags can you recycle at Target store?

You will be able to recycle all plastic bags purchased at Target. What’s more, the store is now offering durable paper bags as an alternative.

We can no longer imagine our life without plastic, as we use it in our daily life. However, more and more people have recently begun to pay attention to the number of plastic bags they use and their impact on the environment. Thus, the need arose for retail chains to recycle plastic bags and other items. Of course, since Target is one of the largest retail chains in America, many people want to know if it recycles plastic bags and other items.

So does Target recycle plastic bags?

You will be delighted to know that Target recycles plastic bags since 2021. What’s more, Target plastic bags are 100% recyclable and even contain around 40% recycled materials. Also, you should know that you can recycle plastic bags and other items in in-store kiosks. Since Target is environmentally friendly, it also offers a wide selection of reusable bags as well as paper bags.

Which Plastic bags can you recycle at Target store?

Another important question that should be paid attention to is what types of plastic bags can be recycled at Target. You will be amazed to know that Target recycles all kinds of plastic bags that are distributed at checkout. Thus, you can be sure that your Target package will be recycled.

Since Target produces bags from recyclable materials, they decompose much faster. What’s more, conventional disposable carrier bags are made of 40% less plastic, which is also very environmentally friendly.

Important! If you have a Ziploc-branded bag that is also sold at Target, then you should know that it is also fully recyclable. However, please note that this bag must be clean before you can recycle it.

How much does a bag at Target Store cost?

Target charges 99 cents for their bags that are both reusable and durable. However, please note that prices may vary from state to state as the total cost of bags in the US has begun to rise.

Also, you should pay attention to the fact that Target also offers its customers to purchase geometrically patterned reusable tote bags for $ 1.99.

Moreover, Target has many other interesting options. For example, family shoppers can buy reusable bags in bulk online. Target stores also offer a Packit Freezable grocery bag which costs from $ 25.49 to $ 29.99. If you like Game or Thrones, then you can see a lot of themed bags costing $ 9.99.

Are there any alternatives to the Target plastic bags?

Yes, sure! Target offers a huge number of reusable bags that are made of sturdy materials and are suitable for absolutely every buyer.

Since this company is concerned with environmental issues, it makes sure that its reusable bags are recyclable and durable. Thus, buyers can use Target packages over a long period of time. Moreover, if you do not want to buy a single-use plastic carrier bag, then Target offers you a good alternative – an entirely recyclable paper bag. By purchasing such a package, you also contribute to helping the environment.

Can I recycle plastic bags and other items at Target store?

Yes, you will be glad to know that over 10 years ago Target created recycling kiosks at store location to help customers recycle their bottles, recyclable cans, glass and plastic bags. What’s more, you can also find a section to recycle your cell phones, MP3 players and other items in order to prevent these items from ending up in landfill.

Target also recycles the car seats. The company has redesigned over 1,100,000 car seats so far. Also, twice a year, Target encourages customers who also take part in the car seat trade-in program.

Can you recycle other plastic at Target?

You should be aware that most common Target products are packaged with 100% recyclable, reusable or compostable materials. What’s more, since cotton products are also harmful to the environment, Target also uses sustainable cotton on many products. Moreover, the company plans to fully switch to 100% sustainable cotton by 2022, which will also make a huge contribution to improving the environment.

On top of all this, Target continues to explore and improve recycling methods. For example, the company is currently working on the use of recyclable textile technologies in order to positively influence their own clothing brand.

How does Target recycling work?

In front of every Target store you can found a guest recycling station. This station is available for processing various bottles (glass, aluminum and plastic beverage containers). There you can also recycle plastic bags and bubble wrap. What’s more, as mentioned, you can even bring small electronic devices like cell phones, MP3 players, GPS devices, and so on there for recycling.

After that bottles, glass and cans are taken to distribution centers and recycled at local recyclers. Plastic bags and plastic film take a different path: they are usually sold to multiple vendors who recycle and then reuse the material. Various electronics are assembled by Target supplier, who also resells certain products for reuse or refurbishment. If they cannot be recovered, then the electronics are recycled by certified companies that recycle the material as much as possible.

New recycling stations allow guests to deposit used beverage containers, plastic bags, small electronics and more. The station is available for bottle and can recycling (aluminum, glass and plastic beverage containers), plastic film ( And if you recycle like a pro, you may know that you CAN still recycle your plastic bags at most local grocery stores, Recycling plastic bags can happen, just not through your home recycling bin. Learn more about how to make your Lifestyle sustainable with Recyclebank. I try to recycle as much as I can, including collecting and dropping off any sort of plastic bags/film/bubblewrap at my local Target. Thank u but a real advance would be not supplying plastic bags and giving a discount for folks bringing their own bags- @Target. Expect More, Pay Less. Sharing that Target feeling.

Bottom Line

Target not only recycles plastic bags, but also offers a variety of reusable paper bags to help its customers save the environment. In addition, Target also offers kiosks that help people recycle other types of plastic, such as plastic bottles, plastic wrap, and so on. Moreover, you can even recycle your small electronics with Target.